Basic Fire Fighting


In the workplace, health and safety regulations are paramount to the well-being of the employees and the employer.

Basic Fire Fighting

Basic Fire Fighting


Delegates will be equipped with the skills and the knowledge that is required to identify fire types, select the correct extinguisher and control fires in the workplace while also taking preventative measures.


  • Components required to sustain combustion are identified and related to fires
  • Repellents used in controlling combustion are identified and related to extinguishing fires
  • Types of extinguishers used in fire extinguishing are identified and are related to types of fire
  • Fire types – flammable liquids, gases, greases, energised electrical equipment
  • Personal safety requirements are identified and related to fires and the use of repellents

Course Prerequisite

Communication at ABET Level 3 & Mathematical at ABET Level 3

Language of Delivery


Delivery Methods

Course is facilitated by a competent subject matter trainer, who utilises a combination of the following techniques to ensure that the session is practical and experiential: Discussion; Role Play; Exercises & Case Studies; Videos/DVD’s; Games, Slide Shows & Written Questions.

Training & Evaluation

  • Training on a 50% theoretical and 50% practical basis.
  • Evaluation on at least 30% theoretical and 50% practical basis.

Who should attend?

The basic fire fighting course can (and should) be attended by employees responsible for workplace firefighting and appointed workplace firefighters. Also, employees that want to gain more knowledge in workplace firefighting and basic fire prevention. It can also be useful to have a fire marshal complete this course, as fire marshals will act as back-up for the appointed workplace firefighter whom has completed the Basic Fire Fighting course.


1 Day


  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Lunch & Refreshments (not applicable to on-site training)
  • SAIOSH Accredited (2 CPD credits/points)
  • Electronic Certificate (on successful completion of the course)
  • Electronic Delegate Feedback Questionnaire
  • •Certificate: Recognised by the Department of Labour & SAIOSH Accredited
  • Note: Certificate is valid for a period of 2 years from date of issue

Course outline