CorelDRAW®: Introduction to Advanced

CorelDRAW®: Introduction to Advanced


This three-day course is designed to take a delegate from the Introduction to the Advanced level of CorelDRAW. A delegate will learn how to create publications, such as logos and brochures for use on the Web or in print. Skills include creating and transforming objects, adding text and color to drawings, creating and modifying symbols, work with bitmaps, import & export etc.

Course Outline

This course consists of 13 modules
Module 1CorelDRAW Basics
Start CorelDraw
Creating New Drawings
Opening Existing Drawings
Viewing computer & document info
Finding and Replacing
Undoing & Redoing Actions
Saving, Closing & Exiting
Module 2Setting Up Your Drawing
Setting up the Page
Working in Multiple Documents
Using Grid, Rulers & Guidelines
Zooming & Panning
Using the View Manager
Module 3Drawing & Shaping Objects
Drawing Basic Shapes
Drawing Lines/Curves/Irregular Shapes
Dimensions & Connector Lines
Shaping Lines, Curves & Curve Objects
Shaping Ellipses & Rectangles
Shaping Polygons & Stars
Splitting & Erasing Portions of Objects
Module 4Creating Special Effects
Blending Objects
Contouring Objects
Distorting Objects
Working with Envelopes
Extruding Objects
Using Lenses
Working with PowerClips
Adding Perspective to Objects
Adding Drop Shadows to Objects
Using the Interactive Transparency Tool
Module 5Working with Bitmaps
Tracing & Coloring Bitmaps
Inflating Bitmaps
Converting Bitmaps
Applying Special Effects to Bitmaps
Module 6Importing, Exporting & OLE
Importing & Exporting Files
Object Linking & Embedding
Module 7Transforming Objects
Selecting Objects
Positioning Objects
Sizing, Stretching & Scaling Objects
Rotating & Skewing Objects
Mirroring Objects
Module 8Filling & Outlining
Working with Uniform & Fountain Fills
Working with Different Pattern Fills
Customizing Pattern Fills
Working with Texture & PostScript Fills
Module 9Working with Color
Choosing colors
Working with the On-Screen Color Palette
Customizing Color Palettes
Module 10Organizing Objects
Copying & Deleting
Ordering & Aligning & Distributing
Locking & Unlocking Objects
Grouping & Ungrouping Objects
Combining Objects
Welding, Trimming & Intersecting Objects
Using the Object Manager
Module 11Working with Text
Adding & Selecting Text
Editing & Formatting Text
Applying Paragraph Formatting
Working with Text Styles
Using Writing Utilities
Creating Three-Dimensional Text
Creating Effects with Text
Module 12Using the Scrapbook
Browsing your computer using the Scrapbook
Browsing clipart, photo's & 3D models
Browsing preset fills & outlines
Module 13Printing
Setting your print job
Previewing, Sizing & Positioning
Printing on a commercial press

CorelDRAW®: Introduction to Advanced

Who should attend?

The course has been designed for delegates who will create professional presentations, brochures, newsletters etc.

Course Prerequisite

Microsoft Windows: Introduction


3 Days


R3 810,00 (excl. VAT)


  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Lunch & Refreshments (not applicable to on-site training)
  • Electronic Certificate (on successful completion of the course)
  • Electronic Trainer Feedback Report
  • Electronic Delegate Feedback Questionnaire
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CorelDRAW®: Introduction to Advanced

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