Introduction to PC and Applications

Introduction to PC & Basic Microsoft Office Applications

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(Our Offices – Minimum of 6 delegates per group)
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This two-day course is designed to obtain the basic skills to operate and get familiar with the operating system. It will build confidence in users who have never worked on a PC before.

Delegates will also learn the layout of the keyboard and on day two they will be introduced to the basics of Microsoft Office, namely Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet.

Course Outline

This course consists of 5 modules
Module 1:
Introduction to Computers
What is a personal computer?
Uses of personal computers
Types of storage devices
Computer ports
Operating system
Computer hardware
Computer software
Start the computer and windows
Log on to windows
The Windows 10 welcome screen
Explore the desktop
The taskbar
The start menu
Using the mouse
Shutting down windows
Getting to know your desktop
Window components
Window control buttons
Arrange desktop icons
Shortcut icons
Basic windows features
Create a folder on the desktop
Rename a folder
Delete a folder
Start and use a program
The paint tool
Search for files or folders
The desktop background
Recycle bin
Module 2:
Introduction to Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
What is Outlook?
Starting MS Outlook
The Outlook window
Components of the MS Outlook 2013 window
Folder pane
Use help
Print messages
Delete a message
Create and send email
Select from the address book
Add blind copies
Format text
Reply / reply to all
Forward messages
Module 3:
Introduction to the Internet
Web sites to get you started
Basic principles of the internet
What is the internet?
Applications on the internet
What can you do on the internet?
Intranet and extranet
The world wide web
History of the world-wide-web
Advantages of using the web
Disadvantages of using the web
User names and internet addresses
Using search engines to find information
Internet Explorer (now referred to as Microsoft Edge)
Enter a web address
Choosing a search engine
Print search results
Adding links to the favourites folder
Using history
Clearing your history list
Working with graphics
Copy and paste text from a web page
Microsoft edge settings
Home page button
Setting a custom home page
Module 4:
Introduction to Microsoft Word
What is Microsoft Word?
Starting Microsoft Word 2013
Quitting Microsoft Word 2013
Understanding the word screen
The quick access toolbar
Zoom bar
Creating a new document
To display non-printing characters
Moving and scrolling with the keyboard
Selecting text
Deleting text
Undo & redo
Formatting – using the ribbon
Font colour
Underline text
Switching character case
Bullets & numbering
Create a bulleted list
Printing the current document
Module 5:
Introduction to Microsoft Excel
What is Microsoft Excel?
The worksheet screen
The backstage view
Create a spreadsheet
Types of information
Inserting sheets
Renaming sheets
Fonts & font sizes
Adjusting row heights and column widths
Printing a worksheet

Introduction to PC and basic Microsoft Applications

Who should attend?

General workers / Tea Ladies / Cleaners / Drivers & Delivery people

Course Prerequisite



2 Days


R1 980,00 (excl. VAT)


  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Lunch & Refreshments (not applicable to on-site training)
  • Electronic Certificate (on successful completion of the course)
  • Electronic Trainer Feedback Report
  • Electronic Delegate Feedback Questionnaire

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