Microsoft Access: Introduction to Intermediate

Microsoft Access: Introduction to Intermediate

Overview and Objectives

This two-day course is designed to help a delegate to obtain the skills required to update records in a database and to use Microsoft Access to create a basic database. A delegate will learn to design tables and queries to to create forms using built-in tools. A delegate will also learn to create relational databases and Import & Export data.

Course Outline

This course consists of 8 modules
Module 1What is Microsoft Access?
What is a Database?
Database Terminology
The Database Foundation
Access Wizards
Ground Rules for Database Design
Starting Microsoft Access
The Microsoft Access Work Screen
Creating a Blank Database
Database Window Toolbar
Creating a Database — Database Wizard
Saving/Closing/Opening a Database
Working in a Database Window
View Operating Modes
Object Properties
Backup a Database
Module 2Creating a Table with the Table Wizard
Creating a Table from Scratch
Understanding Data Types & Formats
Primary Key
Editing a Table
Entering Data into a Table
Editing Data in a Table
Datasheet View
Formatting a Table / Datasheet
Finding Records
Spell Check
Find & Replace
Filter & Sort Tables
Create Hyperlinks
Module 3Fields & Formats
Edit Field Attributes
Set Value Limits
Validation Rule Expressions
Use Default Values
Create Required Fields
Use Input Masks
Defining Indexes
Lookup Fields
Module 4What are Forms?
Creating a Form — AutoForm
Creating a Form — Form Wizard
Creating a Form from Scratch
Editing a Form
Formatting a Form
Changing the Tab Order
Searching for Data in a Form
Use Calculated Fields in a Form
Module 5Creating a Query — Wizard
Query Basics
Printing Query Results
Modify a Query
Create a Select Query
Sorting Query Data
Use Multiple Criteria (And/Or)
Create a Calculation Query
Use an Action Query
Create a Parameter Query
Module 6Importing & Exporting Data
Export to Excel
Import from Excel
Export to a Text File
Import a Text File
Import a dBASE File
Import an Access Object
Module 7Data Relations
Primary & Foreign Keys
Use Analyzing Tools
Establish Simple Relationships
Establish Complex Relationships
Referential Integrity
Module 8Creating Reports — AutoReport
Creating Reports — Report Wizard
Layout a Report
Modify Display Attributes
Use Calculated Fields & Printing

Microsoft Access: Introduction to Intermediate

Who should attend?

Any delegate wanting to obtain skills to design basic database structures using Microsoft Access.


2 Days


R2 540.00 (excl. VAT)


  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Lunch & Refreshments (not applicable to on-site training)
  • Electronic Certificate (on successful completion of the course)
  • Electronic Trainer Feedback Report
  • Electronic Delegate Feedback Questionnaire

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