Microsoft Excel: Introduction

Microsoft Excel: Introduction

Overview and Objectives

This one-day course is designed to help a delegate to obtain the basic skills required to create and use a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. A delegate will learn to enter and edit data, create formulas and format elements of a worksheet.

Course Outline

This course consists of 6 modules
Module 1What is an Excel Spreadsheet?Start Excel
The Excel Application Window
The Quick Access Toolbar
The Ribbon
Sheet Tabs
Backstage View
Shortcut Menus
Using Dialog Boxes
Using Help
Tiling Windows and Sheets
Module 2Create a New Spreadsheet
Types of Information
Enter Information
Delete Information
Undo & Redo Edits
Selecting cell(s), Column(s), Row(s)
Edit the Text in a Worksheet
Using Autofill to Copy or Fill a Series
Freezing Panes, Grouping Sheets
Insert/Delete/Rename Sheets
Pick List, Find & Replace
Hide & Unhide Worksheets
Module 3Saving Workbooks
Recover Unsaved Files
Saving with File Properties
Password Protection
Closing Workbooks
Create a New Workbook
Understand Templates
Open an Existing Workbook
Module 4AutoSum – Total Rows & Columns
Create Simple Formulas
Basic Concepts on Formulas
Date/Time Function
Name Ranges
Paste Special
Move Data between Cells
Inserting/Deleting Rows & Columns
Formula Error Messages
Module 5Copy & Move Sheets
Format Data
Format Painter
Change Number Formats
Hiding Zeros
Formatting Cells (Front, Size, Colour)
Row Height/Column Width
Wrapping Text in a Cell
Shrink Text to fit in Cell
Merge Cells
Merge & Center Text
Indent Cell Contents
Cell Background Colour
Module 6Spell Check
Preview a Worksheet, Adjust the Scaling of a Worksheet
Print Titles
Page Breaks
Headers & Footers
Print Worksheet Data
Print Gridlines

Microsoft Excel: Introduction

Who should attend?

Any delegate wanting to obtain basic skills in using a spreadsheet, such as updating data, applying formatting, printing and making basic calculations.

Course Prerequisite

Microsoft Windows: Introduction


1 Day


R1 270,00 (excl. VAT)


  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Lunch & Refreshments (not applicable to on-site training)
  • Electronic Certificate (on successful completion of the course)
  • Electronic Trainer Feedback Report
  • Electronic Delegate Feedback Questionnaire
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Microsoft Excel: Introduction

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