Microsoft Project: Introduction to Advanced

Microsoft Project: Introduction to Advanced


This two-day course is designed to help delegates apply project management concepts. A delegate will learn how to work in Gantt Chart view to add tasks and duration to a task list, insert and delete tasks, create task links, create a new base calendar, task calendar and resource calendar. They will learn how to create a resource pool in Resource Sheet view etc.

Course Outline

This course consists of 12 modules
Module 1What are Projects?
Assess your Project and Define a Goal
Developing Parts of a Project
The GANTT Chart
The Network Diagram
Identifying Project Milestones
Module 2Opening a Project File
Saving & Closing a File
Protect your Project with a Password
Changing Views
The Split Bar & Split Box
The Entry Bar
Creating a New Project
Start & Finish Text Boxes
Scheduling with Calendars
Working with Organizer
Module 3Entering Tasks in the GANTT Chart
Creating Tasks in the GANTT Chart
Entering & Estimating Task Durations
Entering Milestones
Creating Links
Task Deadlines & Task Constraints
Module 4Understanding Summary Tasks
Outlining a Task List
Indenting & Outdenting Tasks
Collapsing & Expanding the Outline
Module 5Understanding the Relationships between Tasks
Defining Types of Dependency Link Relationships
Entering Dependency Links
Understanding Lag and Lead Time
Entering Lags and Leads
Module 6Understanding Resources & Costs
Defining the Resource Pool
Setting up People Resources
Setting up Material Resources
Filling in the Resource Fields
Understanding Resource Calendars
Sorting Resources
Module 7Establishing a Scheduling Method
Reviewing the Essential Components of Resource Assignments
Assigning the Work
Understanding the Driver Resource Concept
Choosing a Task Type
Understanding Effort Driven Tasks
Assigning Resources to Tasks
Adding Resources
Entering Overtime Work
Module 8Understanding the Resource Allocation View
Resource Over Allocation
Identifying Resource Over Allocations
Working with the Resource Usage View
Setting the Baseline or Plan
Capturing the Baseline
Viewing the Baseline
Creating a Resource Template
Module 9Filtering Resources
Creating a Custom Filter
Entering Filter Criteria
Module 10Tracking Actual Performance & Cost
Using the Tracking Table
Using the Task Form for Tracking
Analyzing Progress
Identifying the Critical Path
Module 11Changing the Page Setup
Using Print Preview
Module 12Working with Multiple Projects
Hiding & Unhiding Open Windows
Combining Tasks from different Files into one Window
Combining Projects into one File
Working with Inserted Projects
Creating Links between Tasks in Separate Projects
Sharing Resources among Projects
Creating the Resource Pool
Saving Multiple Files in a Workspace

Microsoft Project: Introduction to Advanced

Who should attend?

Any delegate wanting to obtain basic skills in using a spreadsheet, such as updating data, applying formatting, printing and making basic calculations.

Course Prerequisite

Microsoft Windows: Introduction & Microsoft Excel: Introduction, as well as a basic understanding of Project Management.


2 Days


R2 540.00 (excl. VAT)


  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Lunch & Refreshments (not applicable to on-site training)
  • Electronic Certificate (on successful completion of the course)
  • Electronic Trainer Feedback Report
  • Electronic Delegate Feedback Questionnaire
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Microsoft Project: Introduction to Advanced

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