PST Training Process

PST Training Process

PST follows an 8-step training process.

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PST Training Process

Step 1: Enquiries and Bookings

  • When making contact with a new client we (PST) will establish who the company’s training co-ordinator is and also assign a sales executive to each company.
  • All correspondence from PST will go to the said training co-ordinator and he/she will only liaise with the assigned sales consultant for all enquiries and/or bookings that might arise.

Step 2: Pre-assessment

  • Once a booking enquiry has been received by a sales executive, pre-assessments are done free of charge, making sure that the learner enrol for the correct subject / level of training.
  • The results of such a pre-assessment will be communicated to the training co-ordinator.

Step 3: Quotation Request

  • Training co-ordinators can request a formal quotation at any time from the PST sales executive, which will be provided free of charge.
  • The training co-ordinator will receive a detailed quotation within one working day.

Step 4: Booking

  • To reserve a seat(s) the training co-ordinator completes the PST enrolment form and return this forms together with the signed terms and conditions to the sales executive, the booking form with include the delegate(s) details, course name(s) and training date(s).
  • Companies making use of purchase order numbers should also include this.

Step 5: Confirmation and Invoice

  • Once the sales executive receives the completed enrolment form, a confirmation e-mail will be send to the training co-ordinator informing him/her that the seat(s) has been reserved, this e-mail will also include a student information page, with information regarding the training day, as well as a map with directions to our premises.
  • Thereafter the booking will go to PST’s Administration Department who will issue a formal confirmation including the tax invoice within two working days and e-mail it, again to the training co-ordinator.
  • The invoice should be checked by the training co-ordinator making sure that all details are correct as far as training courses, dates and delegates attending are concerned.
  • Once the training co-ordinator is positive that all the information on the invoice is correct, it is his/her responsibility to make sure that this tax invoice is handed to the correct person responsible for payment, making sure that the Invoice Number is noted as reference for payment.

Step 6: Training Times and Venue

  • The training co-ordinator is responsible for communicating the training details to each student.
  • Training commences at 08h30 promptly at our premises, concluding at approximately 16h00 daily with breaks for tea and lunch.
  • Training co-ordinators should make sure that learners are aware of the training times and that they should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to commencement of the course (08h10).
  • If students arrive later than 08h30, they will not be admitted into the class as late arrivals disturb the other delegates attending the course and the client will still be responsible for the training fee.
  • When the training co-ordinator anticipates any late arrivals, he/she should contact the relevant sales executive timeously.
  • When training takes place on-site, alternative training times can be arranged.

Step 7: Completed Training

  • After training has been completed and the payment for such training has been received, an e-mail will be send to the training co-ordinator which will include the following: electronic training certificate(s), feedback from the facilitator as well as the student’s feedback questionnaire(s).
  • Attendance registers are available on request.

Step 8: After-training Support

  • All delegates that have completed a course successfully qualify for an unlimited period of telephone / e-mail support.
  • Learners who require additional assistance have the option of re-attending free of charge within a 6 month period after they have successfully completed the original training session.

Training Process