Training has never been more important.  With the focus on lifelong learning becoming more and more prominent, business professionals need to constantly update and refine their skills to remain relevant and competitive.  PST Training focuses on providing you with practical, measurable and implementable skills.

Many of our customers have multiple employees that require training on a particular course or topic.  The courses are then run as on-site training – which means that training is run at a time and place of their choosing (often at their company premises or site), and could also be tailored specifically for their organisation.


  • Focussing the course to your own specific company’s needs
  • The opportunity to talk about confidential company matters
  • Saving on travel if your company is out of town
  • Raising the knowledge level of your entire team and motivating them as they learn together
  • Top level facilitators with real life experience in the subject, and the personality to keep the subject interesting
  • Interactive discussions