Covid-19: Occupational Health And Safety Protocol In PST Training

Due to the OHS hazard that Covid-19 virus presents, PST Training are implementing several processes that will change the way we operate during the time ahead.

PST will be applying a Risk Adjusted Strategy in addition to the focused Occupational Health and Safety before the Covid–19 virus, and implement a Risk Adjusted Framework which will be detailed below for the safety of everyone during the lockdown phases and be appropriately adapted as the levels are progressively relaxed.

These are in aligned to the legal requirements and as per accredited course taken by the owner and another staff member to ensure all protocols are understood and implemented by S.A. Labour Guide.

In line with this the following will apply:

  • Fumigation of PST Training premises was effected on Saturday 23 May 2020.
  • A daily health assessment legally binding declaration for all entering company premises.
  • Work surfaces and equipment will be sanitised before the start of a class, during the day and after the end of a class.
  • Social distancing applied through:
    • Smaller classes
    • Spaced seating according to guidelines
    • All to comply with the 1m minimum requirement at all times.

On Arrival

  • Wait for the Receptionist to acknowledge and direct you.
  • Do not touch the door and or bell or anything at the entrance.
  • Student’s temperatures will be measured with a non-contact Infra-red Thermometer.
  • ALL need to wear cloth masks, students on arrival too. No mask, no entrance to the facility.
  • All protocols will be strictly enforced for everyone’s safety. (sanitising; mask wearing; distancing).
  • Classes will start with a presentation on Covid-19.
  • Staggered lunch and tea breaks and where possible additional tea facilities will be established in the training rooms to minimise movement.
  • Sanitisers at strategic points will be provided.
  • A register will be kept of every person visiting our offices for the duration of Lockdown and kept for 5 years as per the Legal Requirement.

NB! Please cancel and find a replacement date for the training session if:

  • You have a fever (over 38°C)
  • You have been in contact with someone that has the virus
  • You have a cough or respiratory symptoms


Employees who are sick or have symptoms associated with Covid-19, will not be at work.

On Arrival

  • Temperatures will be measured with a non-contact Infra-red Thermometer.
  • Staff to be screened when they arrive for work (and during the day) to ascertain whether they have any of the observable symptoms associated with Covid-19, namely:
    • fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes or shortness of breath (or difficulty in breathing).
    • A daily health assessment legally binding declaration by each staff member.
  • Maintain social distancing principles at all times.
  • To be provided with ongoing training and guidance on personal hygiene and preventative measures in PST Training.
  • Cleaning and sanitising of work surfaces twice daily.

We thank you for your continuing support.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

We all have a responsibility to abide by the rules and do our part to save our country.  Together we shall overcome this.